Monday, March 27, 2017

Un petit recyclage ....

Voilà un petit moment que je n'ai pas publier ici, alors voici un petit recyclage tout simple :

Un petit tee-shirt dont j'aimais beaucoup le tissu. 
Et voici ma réalisation : 

Et si vous voulez en voir plus, c'est Ici 
A très bientôt,
Elisa Elisa

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Funky Shirt Refash

This refash pushed me out of my comfort zone. I took a shirt with a very funky bold print. I've got to tell you, I really liked the final result!
dscn1217It's hard to see but the bottom of the shirt has a band of black elastic. Makes it a bubble shirt!
dscn1220I did not care much for the length of thr sleeves. My original idea was to cut the length off the sleeves ans make a new hem. But I was fooling with the new length of the sleeves I rolled the sleeves and decided I liked the rolled up look instead.
dscn1221I rolled the sleeves 3 times and sewed to secure underneath.
dscn1222Then a small stitch to secure the top.
dscn1223I removed the top 3 buttons.
dscn1224I put a small stitch to secure the inside flap around the neck. I wanted to tack it down because it kept popping up and itching my neck.
dscn1225After I removed the top buttons I folded down the front to make a v-neck. Sewed that down.
Pretty snazzy, right!?
We went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate our roomies acceptance into the social work PhD program! She's such a hard worker and we are so proud!
Happy Refashioning!!!

Check out my stash of refashions on my blog:

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dress to tunic refashion

Before viscose dress with bell sleeves

I was given this dress last year but didn't really have a plan for it.

I don't like bell sleeves, they get in the way so I started by getting rid of them and using one as a neckline enhancement.

In progress neckline

I unpicked the neckline binding and re-attached it incorporating the bell sleeve as a sort of frill, which also made the neck a bit smaller.

There have been a few posts about tunics lately so I decided this dress would become one, by chopping an appropriate amount off the length, adding some side tab openings and making the sleeves elbow length.

There are more photos and details here

Finished tunic

It made good holiday wear.

#59 Back to School Wardrobe: Laura Ashley Jacket to Spring Best Vest

REFLECTIONS:  I love to thrift!!!
  • My goal is not buy any thrifted or new clothes for this school year.
  • Ya'll are posting great inspirations tempting me to thrift. 
  • Spring and change of season are tempting me to thrift.
  • Eight months down. I can do this !!! Back to the stash!!!
BEFORE: Thrifted Laura Ashley jacket, a pricey label I like.
  • In the Re-fashion Stash
  • Brocade fabric, lining, and workmanship are higher end than I like to pay for new.
  • I serged seams when first opened. This step stabilized fabrics while reassembling. And helped keep slippery lining fabric from crawling away.
  • Remove sleeves. Cut side insert to enlarge vest and lining.
  • This was a tiny petite, so not much trimming in armcycle for my narrow shoulders.  
  • Drop arm seam 1/2” to make room for layering. And to make it less like a jacket with no sleeve, but more vest-like.
  • Cut facing from t-shirt scraps.
AFTER: Best Vest for Spring Special Occasions.
  • Reserved for wear for graduations, Easter, etc.
  • Can dress up or down. 
AFTER: Best Vest for Spring

Light Weight Brocade
Dress up or Down

Large on small dress form

AFTER: With side insert

Light Weight t-shirt facing

Serge in the beginng to stabilize

Serge to stabilize slippery lining
Quality, light weight brocade
Love quality in this this Brand

BEFORE: Thrifted. Small petite.

A bit more on my jeans refashion

A couple people asked about the jeans refashion I posted.
First, I cut the jeans down the side seams, and cropped them in length (orange lines).
Then I pinned the fronts together and cut a random shape off (green line).
I used that cut off piece as a template for my contrast denim (grey shape), adding a couple of inches along the straight side to upsize the jeans. I also added a couple inches on the top edge to fold over at the waist.
When I stitched the contrast pieces on, I completely messed up at hip level.
After a bit of swearing and a coffee, I chopped off the narrow straight bit from hip to waist, and stitched on separate pieces. I was on the verge of giving up as I now had two sloppy looking joins, so I used the cut off pieces from the leg length to fudge together a couple of half pockets to disguise the mess. I topstitched a lot (not perfectly, sadly).

Hope that makes it a little clearer. Thank you for the kind comments, my fellow refashioners - you all inspire me!