Monday, June 26, 2017

Tunic and Vest from Dress and Jacket

#82 Back to School Wardrobe

REFLECTIONS:  Current focus on Re-fashions includes pre-retirement University professional clothing to fit the current lifestyle.   
Current part-time work needs are:
  • Professional clothing, but not at the University level.
  • Business casual clothing.    

BEFORE: Unstructured suit-dress that fit the on-campus University life-style.
  • hose and heels for fall / spring
  • sandals for summer  

STEPS:  I wanted a looser tunic style fit. I switched rolls.  Original sleeveless dress becomes tunic with sleeves. Original jacket becomes vest.
  • Remove sleeves from jacket. Open sides of jacket and dress.
  • Cut 4” strips from the bottom of the dress.  Insert strips into sides of original dress (now tunic), original jacket (now vest), and sleeves.
  • Re-insert sleeves.

AFTER:  Vertical stipes in the inserts against original horizontal stripes was a good design element.  
  • Tunic with new sleeves.
  • Vest to layer over tunic.    

New tunic / vest
for more casual part-time work

Looser tunic style
Sleeves switched to create vest and tunic.

New vertical insert
cut from dress length
adds design element

Looser tunic style top

On-campus unstructured suit-dress.
Imagine hose and closed toe shoes.

On-campus sheath dress with jacket.
No sleeveless allowed. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saving a Shirt with Shoulder Seam Adjustment

 #81 Back to School Wardrobe

REFLECTIONS:  Last August I self-challenged to: Shop from the closet. 
  • No new / used clothing for this school year, until this August.
  • This year of no shopping has expanded to include Charlie’s closet..
BEFORE: From Charlie's closet.
  • Thrifted nearly new, shirt was too large in shoulders.
  •  Shoulders were too wide and the sleeves came down below his elbows.
  • Narrow shouler adjustments were needed in many of my own Re-fashions.  
  • Remove sleeves.
  • Trim 2 1/2 “ total, 1 1/2“ off on the shoulder and 1” off of the sleeves.
  • Re-insert sleeves. Serge.
NOTE: When I trimmed the shoulders back, the arm cycle was naturally enlarged. The sleeve was adjusted to fit into the larger opening. And ½” seam was taken to adjust the arm cycle opening at the side seam.

AFTER:  Charlies shirt that fits.
  • Much appreciated in this no shopping year.

Edge of board marks
change in shoulder seam

AFTER: Edge of board marks shoulder
seam spot before adjustment
Removed 1 1/2"' inch shoulder
1" from sleeve cap
Paper marks before width of shouler
BEFORE: Too wide shoulder
Too long sleeve

Friday, June 23, 2017

Faded Jeans

I have a too short jeans problem

I used these three different washes to lengthen my style.

Long pants for the win!

Come check it on my Blog!

Super Easy Dress to Skirt Refashion

I had an adorable pink, gray and black color block dress. But I found I had stopped wearing it because it felt a little bit too short and because it was strapless I felt like I was constantly pulling it up.

Like with anything in my closet that sits unworn for long periods of time, I consider if I want to eliminate it from my wardrobe or simply change it. The dress had fantastic pockets and I really wanted to keep it, so I decided to turn it into a skirt.
I basically just removed the bodice part, shortened the zipper and finished the top of my new skirt waistband. It dropped the skirt enough to make it a totally comfortable and appropriate length that I decided to wear it to the office.
Here's the side by side:

To learn more about how I changed up the skirt and why I call it the "prevailing pink skirt," check my blog at

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thrifted skirt to top πŸ‘˜


A basic blouse πŸ‘˜ is a must have in every wardrobe, that's why I want to show you this little tutorial πŸ”– on  how to make a super easy blouse which will be not only good looking πŸ‘± but also extremely comfortable. 

Skirt Before :
My fabric before πŸ‘‰ big skirt with lovely pattern in beautifuwarm colors , it's 100 % viscose so I will be able to wear it also during summer 

  during work πŸ‘Š

here πŸ‘‡ you can see how ready blouse πŸ‘• looks like on human being , it's very comfortable 
the fabric is 100 % viscose so I can wear it even during hot summer , 
I think I will make  2 ✌ more of those but this time I'll use silk and make different necklines


 Love ,